The projects we involved with are generally business-to-business applications or website development. The following is a sample of current portfolio.

Simply Expenses Logo

Simply Expenses is a web-based application to make the entry, approval and reporting of out-of-pocket expenses easier and more efficient. It provides different user levels for different roles, as well as an in-build messaging system for expenses related queries.

Prelude Accounts Logo

Prelude Accounts provides double-entry bookkeeping to small businesses and as a web-based application it is accessible from anywhere. Its strengths include control of a full Nominal Ledger, as well as feature-rich Sales and Purchase Ledgers. From its initial conception it has been designed to be easy to use.

Sitebuilder Logo

Sitebuilder is our own Content Management System (CMS) designed to operate without a persistent database connection, resulting in truly portable websites. Although ideal for small sites, it allows for large and complicated sites to be developed too with access to all page source code, templates and stylesheet content. All Morgan Web and UKSZ websites and hosting accounts provide access to Sitebuilder. Logo is a basic version of Simply Expenses which focuses on only the expenses entry. The purpose is to encourage the uptake of online expenses management, before upgrading to a system with full back-office management and reporting.

Property Plus Logo

Property Plus is a web-based database used for the management of rented properties, but from the perspective of the occupier. Used by many well-known national companies, it assists with overseeing individual branch properties from a centralised location.


UKSZ is a Morgan Web project to help small business design, develop and host their own websites. With much of the work of development handed back to the client, the costs are reduced but support and service levels maintains. UKSZ provides 'assisted hosting' which is all the control, but handled by an experienced technician via support tickets.

A number of these projects support our view of developing software that increases efficiency and reduces the environmental impact of business. For example, Simply Expenses and both encourage the use of much less paper. Prelude Accounts includes the ability to email orders and invoicing. Best yet, Property Plus has proven to give secure access to enough property maintenance information to actually avoid the need for travelling between UK cities.

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